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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

TMT Thirty Meter Telescope -- Massive Protests Funded By the Globalists to Create Strife --What should be their penalty?

No time, but I wanted to be the first to publish this thought.

Protests in Hawaii about a new telescope on top Mauna Kea are primarily a tool of globalist to create disatisfaction and race war.


stock here.   Most of you haven't heard of this but it is a REAL BIG THING (supposedly) in Hawaii.    They are even producing professional grade songs that push the narrative that "Everything is ours (Natives) from Hanalei to Hilo".

So you non-natives  who have worked your butts off to gain any property, should be expecting that all your assets may just be seized (eminent domain).   And it's not just property, it's "everything".
And that "We have been held down so long....".   Hawaiians are eligible for free Homestead land (wait list is long of course) while the other average families have to pay $800,000 for a basic house.  

The Bishop Estate Trust is one of the richest private charities in the World at $10B, at Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishops death in 1884, she held 9% of all the land in Hawaii.    The Bishop Estate owns 9.5% of Goldman Sachs.

If you take an estimate of 60,000 Hawaiians, that works out to $166,000 per Hawaiian.   This doesn't include the Hawaiian Homesteads that have been ceded to the new owners.  

The Kam schools are some of the best in the Pacific, and 77% of Hawaiian kids get financial support, on needs basis of course, with many getting full tuition covered.  This should definitely help to lift up Hawaiians, and this opportunity is unavailable to anyone else.    All that said, the annual tuition for 7 to 12, is very reasonable at $10,283.

But now through respected entertainers, musicians, through multiple songs, people are being made to feel that they have been "held down".


Who is funding this "protest".
Who decided to write the songs about MTM protest, professionally produced?
Why did this not happen for all the other telescopes?

Why has no evidence of "sacredness" ever been produced?

Methinks this is the Globalists trying to produce distrust, hatred, dissatisfaction at every level possible.

stock out

A local author, who is sometimes on the money, writes this


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