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Sunday, December 8, 2019

You Will Know Them By Their Symbolism -- Pedophiles and Their Symbols

stock here: hat tip to Flying Cuttlefish
see video at bottom that gives examples of these symbols all over Hollywood and other places too, many related to places that children would go.

I knew this "issue" existed.   But I thought it would get very complex, with hundreds of symbols and codes.    But it isn't that way, and it would be a shame to have 4 simple symbols slip under your radar.

Here they are from the FBI

1 (U) Pedophile Activism, available at 2 (U) Ibid.3 (U) BLogo Variations, available at 4 (U) Pedophile Activism, available at 5 (U) Source is a Computer Analysis Response Team Forensic Examiner assigned to the Jacksonville Division. 6 (U) Support and Fellowship, available at 7 (U) FBI internal e-mail, 24 October 2006.  

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  1. This video deserves wide distribution! Thanks for posting!


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