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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A Series of Large and High Earthquakes On Mauna Loa, Portend a New Eruption Of Largest Volcano

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Rarely do "large earthquakes" hit high up in Mauna Loa, and for Hawaii, 3 and up is considered large.

But we just had a 3.3 today, and it was over 5000 feet above sea level.

The last time Mauna Loa erupted, Kona was a sleepy but fun fishing village.   Now they have all the big box stores  and a population approaching 50,000. 

Also, Yellowstone is showing some incredible activity.

Large High Elevation Quakes (LHEQ)

It was one month after the Winter Solstice Quake at 1600 meters ASL.

And 7 months after the Summer Solstice Quake at 1700 meters ASL

These are the only Large High Quakes in recent history, except the single 2016 Quake

That seems very odd, and I have yet to come up with a hypothesis, and why the Solstice would cause magmatic generated quakes.

Location of today's high hit.

A video update from 0122 2020 from a Big Island TV source popped up in my Youtube feed. Interesting, this came right after my Big Island update and warning. They have a bunch of "nice" graphics, and I like the side view of the volcano and earthquakes. I will do one myself looking from the north and west.

Also interesting that she (Tina  Neal) today discusses the inflation and Mauna Loa.   The video below is of the Aug 6 2019 "shutdown of the Volcano" which is discussed in detail, but they fail to connect it to the

This is an early eruption May 13, 2018 discussion by Scientist in Charge Tina Neal. So much knowledge but so little intuition.

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