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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Chief Scientist At Moana Loa, 2nd "Warning" in a Week, They Call It An "Update"

stock here -- I was first to call for the upcoming eruption, potentially at Kilauea but also possibly at Mauna Loa.  

On the 21st Jan I called out

A Series of Large and High Earthquakes On Mauna Loa, Portend a New Eruption Of Largest Volcano

I doubt that USGS follows my work, if they did they would be much further along on EQ prediction, LOL.   Shortly after my revelation, USGS came out with their first update and "warning".   Also at the link above. 

Now on Jan 28, USGS issues their second video update and warning, in the video at the bottom.

I am glad that USGS is not "covering up" this pending activity.   Usually their stance is "we will have
hundreds of small quakes about 1 days before an eruption", so this is good.   In 2018 USGS was read the riot act and was forced to stop all their updates as tourist travel plummeted, people were scared and uncertain.

The quiet sun, and the especially low and sustained low Kp (Earth magnetic field) index has blasted the earth with Cosmic Rays (high energy Gamma rays).   Thus adding energy to specific magma chambers, which then nucleates dissolved gases in the magma.

But as solar cycle 25 rolls in to a period of higher sunspot and magnetism, these can be triggers to an already "primed earth". 

I invented a cross sectional approach to analyzing seismic data to identify the Moana Loa magma
chamber in link below, and "high hits" continue as Moana Loa.   Image at top here, and link right below.   It's some good work.

In video, Chief Scientist, doubles down, and says based on past behavior, the next eruption is likely to be in the summit area.   BINGO!

She also warns of a possible steam based  explosion based on the growing lake and presence of nearby magma.    

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