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Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year, Some Poems, And a Numerology Recap

stock here.

In early 2019 I ran down some me specific numerology analysis.    Do I really believe it?   Well it doesn't have the "standing" that Astrology does, but that doesn't mean that it can't provide a meaningful message that can benefit your life.   

I like the numerology message, which is that 2019 can be your best year ever, as long as you think ahead and have a plan.     And 2019 was my best year ever, I lived very deliberately, and although some of it was pretty reactive, it was reactive in a good enough time frame.

A reader sent in some writings after seeing my Moon Photos which I though were pretty good considering it was just a 200mm lens......check them out here


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    1. ACD here: Credit where credit's due, stock, the last verse of "A Celtic Blessing for You" originates from a short segment (about three minutes with repetitions) of the much longer "A Very Cellular Song" (13 minutes), written by Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band and recorded, then released on the album entitled "Hangman's Beautiful Daughter". Per stories one can read on the web, at the request of Yogi Bhajan, the Sikh community in England first adopted the verse as an way to end events featuring chants, mantras, and kundalini yogic exercises. I commend the works of Yogi Bhajan to you and all, well worth a look, especially The Mind, a compilation of lectures essential (my opinion, judgement, and experience) to our better understanding Mind in relation to Body and Soul! I first heard the verse in question [i on quest!] on the ISB recording and, later, at concerts and events by Sikh singers|chanters (like Snatum Kaur), which floored me! The copacetic verses leading up the "May the long time Sun..." are my own.


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