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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Hawaii Rapid Fire Earthquakes and a Hilina Slump Hit -- Ring of Fire EQ Alert Also

stock here, with the Kp index STILL on the floor, going into 3 months as we wait with baited breath for the return of Sun Spots and a restoration of Earth's magnetic shield......

We have also predicted increased Vulcanism due to GCR's.

It should be noted that Dutchsinse, who did excellent Earthquake research and prediction, often was at odds with the USGS, and was very vocal about it.  

He is gone, his website and social media just a zombie ghost of their former selves.    Just this week.     Censorship at al

l levels is high, and will go through the roof.

That said, I went looking for the high altitude "Slump Hit" that I saw within the last week.   It was perfect placement, and similar to the above sea level slump hits that started the 2018 Hawaiian Volcanic Event (HVE).  

It's gone.....disappeared from the record, and I had not screen capped it.  

 One month of Hawaii EQ 2.5 and up.    Almost 2 a day, and fairly spread out into the ocean.


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    1. Yep, the Quiet Sun is nucleating a bunch of volcanic gases to come out of solution and to rise up.


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