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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Large EQ Hits At Same Spot That Triggered the 2018 Hawaii Volcanic Event (HVE) and the 1975 Kalapana Tsunami

I follow this enough that I knew the location of yesterday's large earthquake....the location looked suspiciously like the 2018 Trigger.   So plotted on Google Earth, and yes indeed it was.

It's the blue one.  See Google Earth, 2nd Diagram which shows Yesterday's Trigger and the 2018 Trigger.    Almost exactly same place and DEPTH.   Depth is super important.   The 2018 Trigger was 5-4-2018.

You can right click and open these graphics in a new window and they are much more readable.

It's offshore from Kalapana.   On the USGS they label it as Leilani Estates.

Back in  1975 there was the Kalapana Earthquake, it was large, and triggered a tsunami that made it to Japan and California.   It only killed 2 people on the big island, it was very sparsely populated at the time.   A dozen residences total in a 20 mile span, 10 miles each way from the epicenter.   Not so now. 

It hit Oahu at 1 foot, 30 minutes later.    Oahu is exactly the opposite direction from this shoreline, so is partly protected, much a much larger tsunami may not work the same.    Los Angeles also saw a 1 foot tsunami, 6 hours later, or 350MPH wave speed.  

Some report the local wave at 45', others say it was at the top of the coconut trees, more like 60 feet.

The 2018 Trigger off Kalapana also set off 2 large quakes right in the Underwater Slump Field (SF),
the remnants of prior Slump events.    It destabilized the SF, which allowed movement on the above ground Hilina slump, which is clearly shown in this video I created that just shows above sea level EQ, you won't see the Slump Field quake on this as they are underwater.   I'll do another one showing those  SF EQ.

The time of yesterdays "Trigger" Quake was 22:23 UTC, Hawaii Time is UTC - 10H, so 12:23PM

The Kalapana Quake of 1975 was a huge 7.2 at 4:47 AM HST, I'll get into timing later.    Itself was apparently triggered by a 5.7M at 3:35AM nearby.

Note in the 2019 HVE most of the last minute forced evacuations were in the wee hours of the morning.  

The largest evacuation came the early morning of the day after the day that I formed my theory of GCR nucleation of gasses, and actually called the USGS and Mayor Kim and warned then of a possible large eruption and east riff activity.

So after yesterday's "Trigger" Hawaii has picked up to 5 EQ 2.5M and up in 24H.

So how does the 1975 Kalapana EQ line up with the 2018 Trigger and the Potential 2020 Trigger?

See Graphic, All three Triggers are within a mile.  

Here are 2 Video Presentations. 

The first is all above sea level EQ and it clearly shows the Hilina Slump get hit hard (think Kalapana area) and then that triggers the whole HVE of 2018.

The second video shows ALL earthquakes of 2018 into 2019: Notables.   

1) The Aug 5th 2018 shutdown of the volcano, Triggered by the 6.9 EQ in Indonesia on Aug 5th, 2018
(See graphic at far bottom of this article)

2) The late 2019 uptick in Hawaii EQ activity

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