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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Largest Quake Ever to Hit the Caribbean Hits at 7.7, and Epstein Still Didn't Kill Himself

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We have continued the Earthquake Alert that went into high gear last month, after 2 months of extremely low Kp index.

The first "real" sunspot with perumbra passed through earth effective zone yesterday and is heading to the eastern limb.    No flares or other dramatic stuff.

Here is how it works, and we continue EQ Alert, this non standard location does little to think that stress has been relieved on the main Ring of Fire.   Also expect more vulcanism.

The Quiet Sun (low sunspots) affects the Earth measured Kp index, a measure of the Earth's magnetic field / shield.    Low Kp (and it has been amazingly low since late last fall) means that much more Cosmic Rays get into the atmosphere and start their cascade of effects.

Some of these high energy particles penetrate the ground, to say 2 miles.   This adds energy to dissolved gasses in Magma, and some of those gases "nucleate" and start rising up, and like a ballon going high in the sky and less pressure, they get bigger and rise faster.  

So much of the worlds Magma chambers are "primed" ready to pop.      Now comes the sunspots, and they launch electromagnetic sheets and cones that connect via the Sun /Earth connection that is always there, now the Magnetic Shield takes a jolt, and this too can set off EQ. 

So here we are, primed.

 Epstein did not kill himself, and Google did not remove the fake tennis court inside the high bermed "ceremony area" on his island.     I caught this many month ago, the story is here.....


  1. more proof for your sun theory ....
    The Big Wobble -
    The Mexican monster Popocat├ępetl Volcano, whose name is the Aztec word for smoking mountain erupts again for the second time this month!

  2. I have a massive dataset on vulcanism

    I have started analysis, and there is a clear 22 year cycle on vulcanism.

    The sun has a 22 year cycle on sunspots, most people say 11, but the sun also regularly flips its north and south pole every 11 years too, so a complete cycle is 22 years....go figure.

  3. meanwhile .... on the San Andreas Fault ...

    1. That looks hot and Hawaii is heating up too....


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