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Friday, January 31, 2020

Moana Loa is Ready to Blow and Flow. High Hits On the Caldera

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Been watching this one ever more closely since the 2018 Volcanic event.

Moana Loa IS NOT a dormant volcano.   It does occasionally go off.   When you fly into Kona, and you should, you are amazed that the airport was carved out of a fresh enough lava field, no sign of any plant life it's that fresh.   

The 1868 EQ hit near my recently identified Magma Feeder Chamber.   It may have created or altered the Chamber area.


To test whether a catastrophic earthquake could affect an active magma system, mean abundances (adjusted for "olivine control") of titanium, potassium, phosphorus, strontium, zirconium, and niobium of historic lavas erupted from Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii, after 1868 were analyzed and were found to decrease sharply relative to lavas erupted before 1868. This abrupt change in lava chemistry, accompanied by a halved lava-production rate for Mauna Loa after 1877, is interpreted to reflect the disruptive effects of a magnitude 7.5 earthquake in 1868. This interpretation represents a documentable case of changes in magmatic chemical variations initiated or accelerated by a major tectonic event.

OK, this is my invention, the Hill Billy Slice and Dox Method HBSD Magma Charting

By selecting just a thin slice of "latitude" .01 to be exact, and look at seismic activity in a cross sectional way, I was able to plot the "Feeder Magma Chamber" of Moana Loa and Kilauea and probably Pu'u o'o (Lava Lake that drained in the 2018 HVE)

So when I saw the two hits here today, I knew what it meant.  De nada, just time and a bit of intuition.

Muon work not needed, LOL

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