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Friday, January 24, 2020

pEACHmiNT Fallacy, Pulling Back to US of Ukraine Female Ambassador Was Wrong and Mean

There was ZERO need for Guililani to try to say bad stuff about her or dig up dirt.

If Trump wants an ambassador gone, it is 100% his decision.   He needs no leverage, no reasons, no dirt.    So the whole story is BS out of the gate.  

An article I did

Establishment Pretends that Ukraine Ambassador Female Was Removed Because of 4 Disinformation Smears, Except of Course They Are All Totally True!

Now the spin is a "recording" but there is no audio, nor even a hint of who controls the audio....just quotes from said non-presented recording.   About Trump being abrupt and saying to "get her out of their tomorrow".   And what exactly is the point?   

They did release an audio, and I would at first blush say that it is indeed Trump, at a dinner.   

Y was already scheduled to come back to USA.    So this even goes beyond that bullshit, the existing plan happened.   Maybe it was sped up a little.  

And George Kent, another effing piece of work over there in Ukraine, super corrupt Ukraine.   I did post work on him....

Everything else on the internet scrubbed on Kent, hmmmm
From the WikiBio for George Kent, of whom all prior internet information has been scrubbed from the internet.

 George Kent (Trump Attacker) Thinks Ukraine's Intelligence Agency Needs to Be "Reformed" To Be More Like CIA

Dec 5, 2018

"It needs to stop doing what the functions of law enforcement are...."

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