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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Soros Looks and Sounds Like Shit -- Let's Hope He Passes On Soon

The Soros speech is above at the Twitter link, I tried to find it on YouTube but couldn't so I hope you have Twitter.    At least try to get a fake Twitter, but it sure appears you cannot do it without a real phone number.    I tried to do it with a "derived phone number" (you can run 2 phone numbers on a single cell phone, and there are services that can give you a second number, in some cases for free or quite cheap) and Twitter filters all those out.

I wonder if a Burner Phone would still work? 

I actually signed up with a "real account" for Twitter.  Keep your enemies close, LOL.
I found one Youtube clip about 2020 Soros at Davos, a short piece of Soros talking about Facebook and how Facebook will conspire with Trump to get him elected again.  

This old goat needs to be put out to pasture.    I mean the whole Russian Trolls and Facebook thing has been so worked over and exposed as to be a laughing stock.    Bottom line, Russian Trolls posted about $100,000 of pro Trump ads that were really crappy ads and most of them were never seen by anyone.

To pretend that Zuckerberg would allow anything of any magnitude as pro-Trump just boggles the imagination.   Zuckerberg is fully CIA and CIA is fully deep state and fully Anti-Trump.    They killed Kennedy, and used Jacob Rubenstein to kill the evidence.    Jack Ruby -- Get it?

Here is one found by Flying Cuttlefish.


  1. at 20 min. mark here

    they are talking about Soros and say over in Israel the newspapers are printing Soros' hacked e-mails full of info about his "foundation".

    1. Oh we can dream.

      Get ready for a blockbuster post on Moana Loa and a new analysis method I invented.


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