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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Calling It Out Now, Eruption of Moana Loa In Hawaii, Highly Likely, USGS Downplaying

stock here:

Nothing says "the sh*t is going to hit the fan" like USGS downplaying a real situation. 

In the video way at the bottom, please watch after reviewing my data, the USGS attempts to show that Moana Loa and BI Earthquakes are just the new normal, "Steady as She Goes".    Volcano is still settling from 2018.    And they produce charts to "prove it".

Except that the real data do not support these charts. 

REALITY:   Quiet Sun, and the RECORD Cosmic Rays have "charged up, primed" the Magma chambers.  

I have recently plotted the Magma Chamber within Moana Loa, the the Main Feeder Magma
Chamber (which feeds Moana Loa and Kilauea, it's a combo feeder).   I have not published this stuff yet.     It really is world class work, but in a totally Hill Billy format, and I kind of want to tune it up first.

I have also correlated all large eruptions of Moana Loa with the "Quiet Sun" aka Sunspots.    And I have the proof.    This changes everything.

I have postulated this for years, but now I have the proof.  

This is kind of back to average for World Wide (WW) EQ at 2.5M and up, 24H.     Recently EQ have been firing at 70 per 24H which is quite high.   

Quiet Sun phase is going into very minor sunspot activity, but quiet a few coronal holes, which let more "stuff" escape the sun and fire towards earth.    This shows up in "proof" as an increase in Kp index, but even that just got into the first band of yellow last week. 


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    ANALYSIS: The CDC appears to be preparing America for announcement that coronavirus outbreaks are happening in the USA… will Hawaii be the first?

    1. And the WHO (of the infamous will never talk about radiation fame) is "starting" and investigation with an idiot leader who appointed a self described Hitleresce strongman of destroyed banana republic that didn't even have bananas! Mugabe


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