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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Crash and Burn Of Modern "Reporting"

----------------------------------- basic stuff to answer, but so infrequent that we get even the basics.

The most important, and obvious questions, go unasked. 

Of course I like Fox News, they are the only thing that even tries to pretend they are real news.    And with Donna Brazille joining their know they are infiltrated/controlled very much now.

But this story line is pathetic, you can read through it, and look at the real story, at the bottom.

Article is poorly written: -
She was married to a St. Louis PD officer for 6 months -
She was cheating on her husband with this St. Louis PD officer -
Officer she's cheating on her husband with is drinking alcohol on-duty -
Officer is hanging out at his house while on-duty -
Officer got a burglary call but since he was out of jurisdiction, he radioed for another officer to respond -

She took the loaded gun from this officer, pointed it at him & pulled the trigger, it didn't fire -
Officer took the gun back from her, pointed it at her, pulled the trigger & it fired -

Officer confessed to his supervisor he was in love with her & she was planning to move in with him

For the actions above: They gave her "Officer of the Year"

 & gave him 7 Years.

Sources: KMOV . com (several articles) and Court documents

-------------------------------------------------- Alternate Theory

He was in love with her, and wanted her to move in with him.
because of her recent marriage to another man, he just couldn't.

he murdered her

Cops all invented a completely unbelievable fabrication of reverse Russian Roulette.
Mostly to protect the reputation of this sad police department. 

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