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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Finally, The Answer To Hundreds Of Dead Birds Falling From Sky. Reverse "Lightning"

stock here.    This has always been a mystery.    Hundreds of Dead Birds falls from sky has
Other sources I have show that we are already in a new peak, either way, it's high!
occasionally popped up, it seems like just the last decade, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention before.  

The answer came to me right after I reviewed the Kp index and for the first time, it had amazingly (after a 4 or 5 month dearth) hit the red zone.      And then the bird story.  

This also portends action on earthquakes.  

Before earthquakes hit, ultra long wave radiation leaves the earth and heads towards the uppermost atmosphere or even space.    Earth and the Sun continually trade in odd loops, magnetics, electrical fields and sheets, plasmas and particles.    The ULW radiation is not on every quake, but on much of the largest quakes, and a few countries have sent up satellites to monitor just that.

There are large electric based transfers that are poorly understood.    One of these types of transfers is killing these flocks of birds.   What else could it be?   Don't worry, it's not HAARP.   HAARP is in fact so weak, as to be laughable in the overall scheme of things global and galactic.

So there is the answer, now to gather the evidence and refine that hypothesis.


We should be able to build a data set of Mass Bird Sky Drops.   And then correlate that with Kp or other space weather events.  

If only the time was unlimited, what could be discovered.


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