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Sunday, February 9, 2020

How Not To Be Bulldozed By the "Financial System"

It took me about 10,000 hours of studying the "system" to figure out how not to be overly damaged by the system.  

I am kind of embarrassed that it took so long, but I got it done in a timeframe that my strategies could be effectively enacted, so at least it worked.
The easy one was precious metals.    Note that Gold and Silver have large fake ETFs (fake metals)
that are used by the powers that be to manipulate the price of gold and silver, so that they don't become more popular than the fiat currency (fake money, USD, etc) which they control and conjure into existence.    So gold and silver have done poorly over 10 years, because of manipulation.  

But other PM such as Palladium and Platinum have done quite well....because they are not recognized as money by amateur investors and therefore the powers that be have little need to manipulate them.  
The second one is solar energy.    Only 3 things create wealth in this world, and 2 are from the sun.

1) Growing things, food and building products, herbs and essential oils.    
2) Solar energy.  what you produce on your own roof is a creation of wealth.    
3) Extracting materials from the ground and fabricating them into useful objects

THAT IS ALL -- So develop some wealth with Solar Energy (PV and Thermal) and/or grow your own food.   Whatever you make for yourself, you pay no taxes on.  

At least for now, until the Drone based TSA Tomato Surveillance Agency comes up with a taxing plan.

Finally, a key part of a strategy is owning hard objects that produce income.   This is your inflation hedge.   You need some way of fighting against their "2% inflation target" which is simply them stealing 2% of ALL of your stuff every year.   

If you can't wrap your head around that, consider it on a much smaller scale.     Picture an island with 10 people on it.     And everyone worked equally hard and produced "wealth" being boats and chickens and oats and carts and such.     But it was hard to trade a built up cart for the eggs that you needed.    So some brilliant Jewish guy came up with a monetary system using special shells.   

And all 10 people got 1000 shells out of the gate.   

So now you could give 2 shells for those eggs, and 100 shells for a nice cart, and 3 shells for a 10lb fish to the guy who owned and operated the boat (hard asset producing income) and that is money.  

Some people still tried to make agreements with others and they kept the barter system for almost everything, they just sat on their 1000 shells for future use (say retirement).    But 200 new shells washed up every year, and they were equally distributed to all 10 people.   

In time the egg producer wanted 7 shells for 3 dozen eggs, the the cart producer wanted 105  shells.     

And the fisherman, with his hard asset producing income, would eventually get 5 shells for an 8 lb fish.    He was at least keeping up with inflation.

That is inflation, 2% per year.    But the "wise" bartering people who sat on their original 1000 shells, over many years, noticed that their 1000 shells was worth a lot less.     This is the theft of inflation targeting.   

A business is a hard asset that produces income.     A solar farm (or owning a bunch of leases) is a hard asset that produces income, kind of a double whammy.    A housing or apartment rental is a hard asset that produces income.

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