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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Milwaukee Shooting -- Some Predictions Before the Real Facts Come Out

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Wisconsin was a "swing state" very important to the 2016 Presidential election. 

Hillary came to Milwaukee once, after I broke the story about her little Kissinger inspired deal with Japan to buy their radioactive food without testing, and feed it to the American people without warning.

Most people here do not buy into the "spin is in" culture, and are willing to call out bullshit when they see it.    But that is changing also. 

I had some epiphanies about the Wisconsin shooting during morning meditation.   Normal you are supposed to go back to "thinking of nothing" but if your mind wants to go somewhere...sometimes I let it.

Last year when DNC picked Milwaukee as the Convention location the plot was clear.   They wanted to get Wisconsin back.  I predicted there would be 2 or 3 "flags" in Milwaukee, probably involving at least one mass shooting, maybe a North Side riot, maybe a "racially motivated bomb scare, and probably not false flags.     That false flag shit might work on the East Coast like at Sandy Hook, but people wouldn't accept that shit without digging into it.     So they would have to be real flags.


So let's review the Milwaukee Mass Shooting:

1) 10 hours after the shooting, no shooters name was released.    This seemed very odd to me, and I instantly assumed it was so that they could scrub the internet of any social media or other easily found public documents.

2) I assumed the shooter would be a black man with a chip on his shoulder, believing that he deserved more.   This is also useful for flaming the race war they so desire, they want division in as many ways as possible.

3) The iconic location was important for getting as many people disgusted as possible.    And the Mayor, whether he realized he was playing into the hands of the Globalists or not, make numerous mentions of how this location meant so much to so many, going back to 1860s. 

4) The BLM inspired victim mentality would also be part of things.

5) It was Ash Wednesday, not sure what to make of that, but keep it in mind.

6) There was 24/7 media coverage, with no actual reporting being done, and all the quite liberal news outlets including Fox towed the Government line about how no names would be released until all the dead were identified and their families notified.    Uh, this was at a place of work, identification could occur in minutes.   And even so, why would this matter in releasing the name of the shooter, who was already dead.   Unless they needed time for something.

7) Even at 8AM the next day, no information released on shooter name, although they did release yesterday that he was 51.

8) They mentioned he had a civil case from 2015 that was dismissed.

9) They mentioned that he may have been fired that day.

10) The law enforcement reaction was "over the top", putting the building on lock down, the whole area on lockdown.   Hundreds of officers, including Chicago police, FBI went to the scene.   The guy was already dead, there was no reason for all that drama.   I am not saying this was centrally planned, but they definitely "juiced it" to make it look as huge as possible. 

Keep this in mind.    People are a bit shocked, I am not a bit shocked, this was totally expected.     And he may not be FBI controlled, just a very angry man.    I assume it is a man, it always is.

But the thing to keep in mind is that there "needs" to one or two more in Milwaukee to actually sway people towards gun control, and "reparations".      I let my concealed carry expire and just re-applied this week, but do not have it yet.    I don't think they will do it so quickly, but an obvious target would be a hit on a cultural event, to further define the race lines.

Interesting enough, I was entering Pearl Harbor during the shooting last fall.    Now this.    I was planning on doing an organized Photo Shoot at this brewery, including the production and engineering areas....very unique.   That was to be tomorrow.     Glad I didn't plunk down my $25.

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