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Monday, February 17, 2020

Quick Revisit to the Neo-Corona Virus

I've been trying to focus on work tasks that must be put in the rear view mirror. 

I have been kind of in a "let's see what happens" mode.    Figuring my best strategy is to live healthy, plenty vitamin D3, probiotics, Iodine/Selenium, good exercise and sleep.   And in a pinch, I can pretty much isolate for months without a problem.

LOL been using my "Bio Scarf" when out and about.   More on that later.   Price is double and triple what these used to be.


Liberalism, at least as modified by the narratives of the Globalists, approaches that of a mental disease.     Cause and effect cannot be linked, because feelings and "doing the right thing on high moral ground" are more important than thinking 1 checkers move ahead.

CASE IN POINT:  Hawaii State Health Officials, after discovering a Japanese couple visiting both Oahu and Maui, confirming COVID-19 infection. 

John Fujiwara, a friend of the visiting Japanese had spent around a half hour with the infected man, on Feb 4th.

He reported himself to State Health Officials, and offered to "self quarantine".

In amazing hubris that could make NOAA look smart, they told him to just go about his normal business, and if nothing happened by the 16th, he could just forget about it.....because.....they are so convinced that they know everything about the incubation time of this virus, conveniently exactly 2 weeks.

New information implies that 3 weeks is a more likely window.

For some unexplained reason, state health officials believe the infected Japanese patient didn't have any "prolonged, close contact with Hawaii residents." What we want to know: How can they be so certain of this while claiming to know so little about the man's movements?

Well more than just that....WTF does prolonged contact have to do with anything.   This stuff is highly contagious.  

Stupid stupid actions and comments.  

and from Lot's Wife The virus burning through Wuhan (China), a city of 11 million on the Yangtze
River, is vividly represented in this collection of clips. The river connects Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Chongqing. Captured by dozens of people with cell phones, the scenes offer a horrifying glimpse of the plague. Residents being shut-in by neighbors fearful of contagion; others being pulled from homes by police. Overwhelmed hospitals the size of several football fields; staff garbed in full protection. Dead piling up in the corridors. Crematories running at full tilt. People are collapsing in the street, in restaurants, on the rail system. Also seen are apparent suicides. Warning - among the clips: Sudden heart attacks and/or pulmonary rupture resulting in frothy blood erupting from mouth and nose.

And more

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