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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Stock Here -- Stock Up -- Stocks Down -- And So It Begins

stock here

Chime in if you have any no brainer must have items. 

Coronavirus is it way overblown to continue the Globalist agenda to keep people off balance, to scare them, to keep them acting emotionally and not rationally (for those with that ability anyway!)

Or it is the real thing?    Not to be all mean and such, but taking 3 Billion people off this planet would Sorry shoot me, but don't say that on Twitter or you will be banned.
be a good reset. 

The focus of this article?   Stock up on things that you would sorely miss if there was a 3 week, or a 2 month disruption in supplies.   And do it this week.  Those that stock up first, stock up best.

In April 2011 I made a nice list of emergency shelter items to have on hand.   They fit in 2 large carry totes.   it took about 3 weeks to gather all them cost effectively, while continuing a normal life 

That downloadable list may be found at this article link, scroll down a wee bit.

Think of how many items come from China, what if there production falls by 35%, hoarding will clear the shelves everywhere, and prices will skyrocket.  

The WHO declaration of a Global Health Emergency means that companies can declare "Force Majeure"  which just means "Major Force" and is a legal excuse not to comply with contracts and deadlines.   Many companies will just close rather than risk having their entire workforce at risk of being wiped out....they will be hoping this all blows over in 3 weeks, and they can go back to full production with their skilled trained workforce. 

Once it is clear that there is going to be supply disruptions, there will be a massive run on all items.

If you really like Milk, like I do, considering laying in a supply of powdered milk.

The first Blitzkrieg of censoring has occurred this week and will continue.  

The Globalist lost big time with Brexit, populism is, very popular.

YouTube changed their user policy, and I read much of it, it's all set up for total censorship and a time and place of their choosing.    It is vaguely written, so they can pretty much shut down any truth they want to shut down, push any narrative they want to push.    If you say you are against Drag Queen story hour with the men exposing their genitals, you will be put in a 1 week jail, or at their discretion, banished forever.     And since they have your real identity (by requiring your phone) they can keep you down forever.    But enough of that, for another article. 


I don't have time to get into a whole lesson on prepping, proper storage methods, shelf lives and such.    There is plenty of information out there.    And you can't do it all right now.    But you can go out, during Superbowl, and fill several shopping carts at Costco. 

HERE IT IS -- LOUD AND SIMPLE, think of the things that you would really miss if you couldn't buy any for 3 weeks...and stock up now. 

Also make sure your propane tanks and gasoline tanks are all topped off.....including the ones in your vehicles. 

If you were going to buy some solar panels, this would be a great time to do it.   But be aware 98% of all PV solar will not work if the grid is down.

Toilet paper, Paper towels, feminine supplies, basic stuff like tooth paste, floss.  

Good supplies of bleach, vinegar.    Pool shock is great for sanitizing water to drink....because in that format you can store it pretty much forever, not so in the liquid bleach type. 

On my list is a backup well pump and pressure controller (already have the later).    Water and air filters....why not have a few years supply on hand.

I assume you already have at least 4 months of food supply on hand?   Really?   No?  

Get on it! 

The so called epi-center of corona virus is the Detroit of China.   If you have a vehicle to repair and it just needs some basic them now even if no time to install now.

stock up and stock out


  1. my 2¢ ... water, water, water. You use more than you think.
    Use dirty water to operate the toilet.
    In food - lentils have high protein and store a long time (the dry ones).
    A little salt and cumin or seasoning and they are fine with rice.
    You can cook smaller beans, split peas etc. in a pressure cooker so long as you add a tsp. or so of veg. oil to keep the froth from clogging the steam spout thing.

  2. Replies
    1. from the article
      "use bleach bought within the last 4 months....."


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