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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Q Post : Globalists Helping Russia? Doesn't Make Sense to Me.

stock here, this is Q post 3836

Anyone have any hypothesis on this, especially the last question Q poses....


Think HRC Russia reset statement [Russia].

Think Hussein 'I'll have more flexibility after the election' hot mic statement to Russian depo re: Q to Hussein re: Putin.

Think Hussein WH refusal to send weapons to Ukraine [R Congress push to assist] but instead sent only blankets.
Think [D]s attack(s) re: POTUS for failure to 'protect' Ukraine against Russian aggression? [Impeachment]
What advanced weapons did POTUS send to Ukraine?
2 + 2 = 6?
Define projection.

Think $1,800,000,000 Hussein WH > Ukraine [which bank?].
Think US AID > Ukraine

Think WW AID > Ukraine

Think U1 [sale of US uranium to Russia]

Sold out US to benefit Russia for personal financial gain?

Risked US National Security for personal financial gain?

How was payment made to US person(s)?

Think Ukraine.

Think Iran.

Russia & Iran allies?

Russia, Iran, & China allies?

US pol corruption China
US pol corruption Ukraine [US leverage on behalf of…]
US pol corruption Russia
US pol corruption Iran

Common denominator: China, Russia, and Iran: Closed financial systems?
Logical thinking.

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