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Friday, February 28, 2020

Went to Some Disney Entertainment "The Lion King" But I Got Doubled Q'd Instead

Odd things continually happen in my life.    Head shakingly so.

So we went to see the Musical, The Lion King.   The theater was pretty full, say 97% full.   It is a popular and very well done show.

Our seats were in the middle, so I figured I would be tripping over 32 people to get to our seats.

But check out the picture, all of the seats up to mine were empty.     And then it hit me....

My seat was Q-34.   They all stayed empty.

I had unimpeded trip to Q-17+17

I been Q'd


  1. if you were Q'd you'd be asking about those designs all over the lion.

    Its your choice to know.

    1. Pray tell.....probably some pedophile disney shit I would imagine


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