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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Why Would The Mayor of SF, Last Year, Need a "Loan" for a $5,600 Car Repair?

stock here.


Kind of shocked when I first saw that name.   It is so fitting.   And of course, there is the Willie Brown and Kamala Harris connection.

I will say this all her pictures, she does really seem like a happy, upbeat person.

OK I haven't heard that question asked yet, so I am asking it?

  • She doesn't have any savings?   Living week to week?
  • She doesn't even have a credit card?

  • She doesn't have any property that she could HELOC?

  • She couldn't just use a liars loan and get a new car on payments?

------------------------------------------------------   Said it I have.

But it gets better.    This was not just a bribe (she said the "loan" has still not been paid back).....

The apparently black mayor with the unusual English last name, had slept with this Muslim city "civil servant".     

And just now as Mohammed Nuru is indicted by the FBI for corruption, trying to bribe and airport commissioner to steal a "sweet heart" spot in the airport for  a concession.    And taking bribes from a Chinese developer to get special treatment.

Mohammed's partner in crime, Bovis, ran a non-profit charity, which was used to launder money and through huge parties......

Think Clinton Foundation.   Think Netflix deals.

And the Willie Brown connection.....

“London Breed: Raised $85,461 from pro-development interests, attorneys and medical professionals. Notable individual donors include Willie Brown partner and attorney Steven Kay; Brown protégé Bevan Dufty; California Attorney General Kamala Harris (another Brown protégé); Angel investor Ron Conway (Ed Lee booster)”…

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