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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Absolute Disgrace, Incompetence. CDC With Budget of $8,000 Million, Can't Update CV19 Numbers, Is Behind an Entire Week. While Italy Updates Detailed and Daily

stock here.   I saw 2 things yesterday that disgusted me.

CDC had an area, not sure if I can find it again, in which they were providing update to CV status, and they clearly state, these will be updated on Monday through Friday only. 

With your
$8B budget, and the biggest emergency in 100 years, you would think that just maybe they would have a handful of people willing to work on the weekend.

Disgrace -- When Italy so outperforms.

But it gets worse.   Italy updates daily and detailed, and accurate at least to the point they don't revise data.

But CDC Can't pull data together in 7 full days....instead presents data that could be misinterpreted?

Oh must be horrible just trying to "get by" on a budget of $8B


  1. Massive fail for the Gov...

    1. And Fauci, smaller than his super leftist wife, can't quite throw Trump under the bus, but can protect his comrades by calling a month long failure to test, was due to an unspecified glitch.


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