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Monday, March 16, 2020

Bill Gates and the October 18th 2019 Event 201 "Pandemic Tabletop Exercise" Hosted JHU and Gates Foundation

And then ol' Bill Steps down just as the "Virus" reaches 24/7 news coverage.

Does any of this seem strange?

The image to the right is from 2017 in the Zika nonsense.

But it show the deep connection between Gates and Moderna.

And now Moderna is conducting Covid-19 vaccine studies on 45 healthy young subject....this week.

See below the video

 NIH and Moderna Inc, Moderna gets $20M from Gates, but Gates is not just a donator, he is also a third partner in the Seed money for Moderna, at $1.8B total.    2017

Now Moderna is worth $5B, nice investment Gates.

Now Moderna churned out some vaccine for COVID-19 (lol working on it since last year) and now the US taxpayers will fund all the testing on the vaccine, and carry all the liability.

Nicely played Gates!     Sure glad we can fill your pockets, while taking all the risks, hell of a business plan, I would retire too if I were you.


  1. he may have retired to a bunker .... not to escape a virus ... but all the heat from his ties to Jeffrey Epstein!

    1. LOL this virus is so strong my banned twitter accounts started working, Jack must be marginalized.....


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