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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Body Temperature -- Will be Used To Screen You. But There Are Huge Variations Among People, By Sex, Age, Race, And Esp. Individually

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NOTED: per reporter Attkison, outside of Washington, there are 11 total people dead in USA from CV19.

I finally dug up an old under tongue digital temperature meter....sanitized it with Thieve's Oil.

My temperature was 95.9F.    That is pretty low, I am fairly cold tolerant, good energy levels, take Iodine and Selenium every morning, and no expectations of any thyroid problem. 

Temperature is a measuring stick that varies A LOT more than anyone realizes or states.

In the way that health care is now "rationed" this could totally screw you over.   Either by forced isolation on a false positive, or neglected treatment because your temperature "wasn't high enough" to meet the Protocol.    And your own knowledge of your baseline temperature is super important so YOU know what is going on with you.

I recommend getting your own baseline ASAP, and even going as far as to log it in a bound binder.    The bound part makes it more like "evidence" and when you bring that to your urgent care clinic it is going to carry more weight than you just saying "my temperature is always low but now I feel hot" even though your temp in "only" 98.3F which is below their "protocol"

This is their "Protocol" one size fits all approach to something that might kill you.   NOT GOOD.

In the mean time, just after I place my order, get yourself (2) digital temperature gauges for under the tongue temperature.

So here is a chart showing variation in temperatures, bear in mind this is NOT UNDER THE TONGUE but a tooth based study for dental purposes.   The point is that this is Left Skewed and is quite variable.

The temp conversion chart and the Red annotations in Fahrenheit are mine.

How to take your temperature:

It needs to be noted, that with  0.00041% of the population, but 1 % (16 of 1,600) are "Celebrities".  Note the title of the article, and then they lump politicians in the category of Celebrities.....LOL, I mean we always knew they were little more than actors....

I am so digging on that CV19!    It can infect useless over-eaters at a rate 2400 times more likely....our planet has a chance, come heal us of this scourge of despicables that have floated to the top. 

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