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Friday, March 20, 2020

Chaos Can Erupt Very Fast, In Fact, we have been setup for it.

Happy springtime.   Listen to some Pharell Williams and simultaneously take effective actions.

China's claim of "no new cases" is almost laughable.    I really don't even need to read it.

All this “scary stuff” can change VERY  fast, like you wake up and it’s a different world.   We are almost in a perfect setup for this, let me explain.

  1. The CDC with its 8 Billion dollar budget, is behind 7 days on updating number of cases.   With exponential growth, this means current cases are vastly underreported.
  2. Over a month “full in” and testing is still a disgrace.    In one town of 3000, they tested every single person, so that the infected but showing no symptoms, were found, and then everyone who was positive was isolated, and number of new cases went to ZERO and yes they did retest everyone again.    It seems odd that Fauci, with his much taller and Trump hating wife, explains the testing problem as a “glitch”, but then doesn’t even attempt to explain what the glitch is, and no one from the media even asks.    It is odd, at best, intentional at worst.

When the testing starts in earnest, case numbers will skyrocket, when they report up to the date, not a week late (like every other country in the world can, even Italy) the case numbers will totally skyrocket, and then the projected numbers will enter the tens of millions,

I full expect chaos to erupt.   Next week

Secure your outside belongings
Put up several signs that state “Video recording in progress with offsite monitoring”   Yellow is a color that draws the eye.
Put those signs up even if you don’t have a video security system
Install video security system ($400 at BestBuy, 4k cameras)
Get a scary German Shepherd – check .  Or put a sign on the door “We have 27 cats” and they will be sure to steer far away from you, LOL

“They” have been trying to pretend things might last a few weeks.    The reality is several months, summer MIGHT eliminate much of the virus transmission, no guarantees.

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