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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Conspiracy anyone? Heavy Sentence On Weinstein on 3-11, and Tom Hanks Supposedly Gets Corona Virus on 3-11. Well Just Saying, Looks Like a Fake Death Coming Up

So I would say that amazingly Hanks had recently put his assets into an off shore account, LOL maybe on a southern island.   

And he knows that the DOJ has been investigating him, and others in Hollywood, but taking down a few big names would at least make the sexual predators and pedophiles in Holly straingten up and fly straight at least for the moment, enough to break the increasing momentum of their sick little practices.  

So Hanks just happens to be in Australia, and I guarantee they both get cremations (for safety) not even there kids will go to see the bodies.   A lawyer will notarize and confirm it is them.   

Who is with me on this one?

stock out
A backgrounder on Hanks.

Creepy Instagram, lots of it.   If you are on Instagram, look through his "portfolio"

Caption: "Why is the baby so fussy? Here's why! Cold out there. Hanx." Hanks is joking that whatever baby this article of clothing DID belong to, the baby was literally fussy.
Caption: "That girl? Hopping around the park on one foot? Here's why. Hanx." Again, think literally.
Caption: "Cold hand somewhere! Hanx" Yes, literally.
SNL, clearly a tool of the Globalists, is the perfect venue to "show off"

This guy on Reddit put together a massive summary of Hanks.


If you want to watch Hanks and wife Rita Wilson fidget uncomfortably and try to joke the character off in an interview, all while both knowing the real reasons behind the character, you can watch the awkwardness in their faces here:

As for the idea that how could they both be in on it? Hanks does nothing but joke about how his wife accepts him unconditionally. 

The thing about people in these communities is that they learn to accept themselves and give in to the idea that yes, they are sick, they always will be, and there is nothing they can do about it. 

They have obsessions and compulsions and learn to live with it...

Nice Hollywood ending for you.


  1. My first thought upon learning that Hanks and wife "tested positive" for the coronavirus (one of five [viruses, that is], as Jim Stone opines, from Fort Detrick in MD) was that Tom Hanks was joining with others of his ilk to show "we the little people" that -- gasp! -- even the ELITES get sick in a PANDEMIC! No early vaccine even for the elites, so, more doom coming our way than we thought possible! HOWEVER, as Miles Mathis has opined many times, a "faked death" would indeed be the ticket to that secret island where elites go when they've had enough or their cover gets blown to Hell. The island(s) must be overpopulated by now.

    1. yes I also considered the "big names" to be important in creating panic.


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