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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Corona Virus -- Now Being Used to Instill Panic, Fear, TDS --- Media Coverage is Way Overblown

stock here.

Let no crisis go to waste.....

The 24/7 media coverage is now out of control.    But what about the real questions.

I.e. If someone in the family has to self quarrantine, in a house or apartment, does everyone else in the house also have to quarantine, and for what time period?

And under what laws?   It appear that a Quarantine Order, must go through a specific legal process, and that seems like it would totally hamper a good response.

I could think of 20 other very relevant questions.


So I booked a flight to Hawaii.    Noted that local restaurant and Pub seemed very empty even though
great weather.     I vote with my wings.

CV does look bad, like a 5% death rate. 
Mortality rate in Lombardy hits 8% - higher than Wuhan

China appears to be getting back to work, based on electricity data

And South Korea thinks that they are past the peak.

HUGE: South Korea Has "Passed the Peak" of Coronavirus Outbreak


  1. I agree with this Brit - why are they so uninterested in the origins o this problem??? Just like 9-11 anthrax attack dropped like a hot rock when clues lead to US Army.

    1. Oh for sure, this looks like a deep state, destabilization......

    2. I don't think it would get that bad, but you know the Globalists would not care if they killed 100M people or 1M people.

      Anything for their own power and privilege, but on a happy note Weinstein got 23 years in jail, for a lifetime of sexual predatory actions....he deserves more, but at least this is a life sentence for that POS. I like the black eye he got too.


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