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Monday, March 16, 2020

COVID-19 Resources, Statistics Websites, Preparation, Dealing With It While in Isolation

stock here

This will be a work in progress.   I can't take the time to gather everything up at one time.     Today will be a shopping day.    The next few months will be an exercise in avoiding humanity as much as feasible.   So I want to stock up on things that I will need.

Statistics Websites

Italy Website Updated Daily

Github Dataset -- This is the whole world, and just slightly clunky to work with.

This one for curiousity only, Feb 10, using a John Hopkins dataset which doesnt appear to conitinue tobe updated.

It also uses Kaggle, which I don't have a membership with.   The analysis seems to require a bunch of code work, whish seems kind of odd.    I guess that is one way those "in the inner club" can maintain their "position".   Many other datasets are like this.   It took me 12 tries on the USGS dataset to torture into a format that I could do 3D plotting. 

Others like the Kp index are "old school" stored in so many pieces, from back in the day when your allocation of 200k on the server had to be very strategically used.     Its another way to "present" and make public, data that is generated from tax payer funded sources.....without really making it public, useable.


The above set looks interesting, it using Github, but then "cleaned, unioned, and unpivoted" well alrighty then.....

This one is Tableau, it was easy to create an account, a profile, so I did.

They have a Desktop App, which with you can create your own "Visualizations" I guess they don't really them Charts anymore.    Stuff like Heat Maps, and Bubble Charts.    Wow its a freaking big App 377M!

Oh, and we thought John Hopkins had thrown in the towel in January, in reality they were making the data easy to access and analyze, so they say.    Unfortunately, they seem to have to rely on "Google Sheets" which is now they are going to try "Flat Files" to reduce this dependency.....ya great idea to get away from Google wherever possible.

I went to the get data box and clicked and it opened a new window and then did nothing, for 2 minutes, now.......The Tableau app finally finished install and needs a reboot.   

Bing!   Something useful from big tech throwing silly Hollywood actors in front of us all day...

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