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Friday, March 13, 2020

COVID-19 Shortages, "Stores Are Crazy"

stock here

I haven't been out since Trump announced closing borders to Europe.

A friend who was trying to hit multiple stores today announced things as "crazy".

She said there was no chicken and hardly any beef at all.

Medicine shelves at Walgreens were partly empty, and she got the last Zicam (zinc lozenges that work really well).

I live "stocked up" being stock and all, LOL.    But I have ramped it up for several weeks....people laughing at me as I get yet another huge pack of T-P, and papertowels, and buying extra P100 filter masks, and hundreds of dollars of essential oils.    Dozens of pounds of meat for the big chest freezer.

And there is so much to do "at my compiound" that there really is little reason to leave, although I will likely hit the gym, this afternoon, in the least crowded time.  

And just getting ahead on things....First it was the TP gone, now the food and medicine.   I mentioned WEEKS back, that if you can any machines that needed any least buy the parts now....expect supply chain disruption.   I have some house projects too....making my list and checking it twice.....will buy lumber and other stuff that could be vulnerable to supply chain disruption.     Including an extra well pump just to keep on hand.  

Shortages could also bid up prices based on supply and demand.     Ignore those idiots trying to convince you to "not stock up", not to use masks.    They do not have your best interests in mind.

Let's talk stocks (where I originally got my moniker from) and other financial stuff.

First, for shaky money type things, like Paypal, make sure you have no large balance in there, a few hundred max at this time.   If you are not linked to a checking account, do so now, so you can remove the money.   

For the "buy and hold" and don't panic crowd....It is true that the markets always recover, and usually pretty quickly.    Could it be different this time?    Sure.   Should you sell now at 25% down from peak?    Well, when it bounces up, it will be fast, because "they" want to leave everyone behind.   So if planning on buying back in.....will you, and will be be fast enough to buy  in at a lower price than things are right now?   

Or like this guy thinks....Mike Adams......

And massive price gouging being allowed at Amazon.   Screw Bozos and his ilk.

And this map is interesting, what you may think of as "hillbilly" places like Wist Virginia and Mississippi have ZERO cases.


  1. Replies
    1. So Vaccine boy wants to slink out of the limelight....I wasn't expecting that...

      I had dinner next to him and Bono at a fancy restaurant in Honolulu. And their entourage. Neither men were at all impressive, and there was little show of emotion from their entourage and certainly no feeling of respect or just happy to be around and having a great meal. Eye opener.

  2. test with ie, looks to work Stock. Posting with chrome still vanishes. Google won't let me post here. Old IE browser is letting me in.

    1. I hear Chrome is pretty horrible for privacy.

      You don't like Firefox?


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