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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

COVID-911 (See What I Did There?) It's a Real Attack Like 911 -- But It Is Also Allowed and Assisted by Accomplices

From guest writer ACD who can turn a phrase better than I can unscrew a beer bottle

stock out.


The Truthseeker site also has a remarkable array of headlined stories.  One thing seems certain -- CON-TROLL of the web by PsTB seems far enough off to allow even this "21st Century 9-11" to get exposed far sooner than the 9-11 events themselves!

The "China story" in MSM's "The Guardian" signals to me that Western countries playing with martial law and "lockdowns" will also cease and desist within months if not weeks.  Especially if public blowback to denying effective treatment for those infected with the coronavirus -- however many or few remains for determination, which will not get done -- goes viral.  So to write.

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