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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Electricity Data: No BS Proof That China's Industries Are Effectively Shut Down

This is pretty good proof that China's industry is shut down

Check graphic on Coal consumption at China power plants. The amount being used is the residential amount.

 Note, leading up to Chinese New Year, many people and companies take off and shut down.  On New Years day, all industries are shut down.

They shut down and never started up again........


  1. just a thought .... I wonder if a UV light (like for aquariums) can be used on dollar bills to sanitize them. If you live in an infected area and worry about cash spreading germs there ought to be a simple solution to clean money.

    1. It has to be at least UV-C type, UVA and UVB need not apply.

      Lay out on table, run the thieves oil atomizer? flip, repeat


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