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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Except for WA and NY, ALL of the New Cases All Began on 3-11, Coincidence? Fukushima Anyone? Anyone?

stock here --- like to hear some opinions, chime in.


Some say that 311 and 911 have Occult Numerology aspects.

So do "they" use these as power days?

A reader chimes in with some related links, I remember some of this early on too, when all the SARS-2 stories seemed to have repeating numbers.   See below.  There were a bunch more "funny stories" with matching numbers too.


  1. Good catch! Notice the series of "66's" in the totals column, too. Others have compiled evidence of the extraordinary coinky-dink of the number 33 appearing in headlines of stories about COVID-19, for example, still findable on GOOGLE:

    YEP. (((They))) just will not let go of (((their))) numerological toys. Dead giveaway -- recall the 7/7 London attacks? Too many to cite. 'Nuf.


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