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Friday, March 27, 2020

Google Nest Thermostat --- They Are Using "Failures" To Add Stress to People During This Pandemic

stock here.....been meaning to write this up for a while.   Google NEST is evil.

It also has proximity detector so it knows when someone walks by.

Their reports are beyond shitty, they pretend to provide your full data file, but a review shows that none of it can be trusted.   

-------------------------  But the real story....Google is screwing with people's heater in a "test run" since early Feb, in order to simulate (well they are real failures, your heater stops working) failures, and tests peoples reactions, and responses in to tech support calls.


I have 3 NEST Thermostats, they have some neat features....control from phone, etc.

1) House
2) Garage
3) Shop

In Feb in Wisconsin, the NEST driven heaters in both my shop and my garage (which are labelled as such in their systems, and so they were considered pretty safe test zones) both stopped working apparently on the same day.     Amazingly, the week before, as a precaution, I had decided to buy 2 really stupid backup thermostats (I didn't install them at time of failure, it was not super cold and they were not going to "freeze out".   Since the weather wasn't horrible and I figured it would be an auto installed firmware update that was the problem, and I figured they would auto-fix it.    Had my hands full on many projects.   

Spent 1.5 hours on tech support with a lady who was pretty skilled, but no solution was found, the full diagnostics pointed at problems with the heaters or the heater controls or 24V power supply.    They were both put in same time, exact model and output, 3 years they are not old.   I told her it would be very odd to have both heater have a problem at same time, as they have been flawless for 3 years.....

So I worked on other stuff....then one morning walked into garage it was 50 and heater was running fine.    Shop also started running and remains running fine.

I think that it was a test run....a test to see how they can remotely screw with people...say in the middle of another panic started somehow to add fuel to the fire with peoples already marginalized.    

Of all the tech gear available that can track you, your thermostat is not likely to be all that evil.
Sorry dude.
You probably made this post on your smartphone.
Your smartphone that knows everything about you, who you contact, where you go
[–] 23117817? [S] 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
You miss the point. If you are in a freezing climate, or just damn cold....the loss of your heater is a huge event.
My point is that I am highly technical, and an HVAC engineer and I caught Google in the act intentionally scuttling their Tstats during a pandemic.
See the point now?
[–] 23118415? ago  

that guy drinks the coolaid, no point in wasting energy trying to explain.
Good post btw, if you run android they can screw with more than your thermostat... an d they can hear\see\monitor your reaction to it...

[–] 23119967? ago 
I do have Android, seemed more 'business like" than iphone....
Someone must be producing a "patch" that can reduce their spying ability.

Talking to customer who brought an overdue account almost to paid up, said...thanks so much, these are tough times, and every bit helps.....
10 minutes later I get a cold call email saying "time are tough, if you need money just call for a preapproval"
No joke, and we accept that as normal and OK.

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