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Saturday, March 28, 2020

HR748 The Fed Response to COVID-19 --- I Read It and Screen Capped the Most Obvious Items

stock here---what did you do Thursday night.   I read this Beast.  Its called the CARES act.

It's a pretty good summary.    What would be totally rocking is if someone could put it into a spreadsheet format.    If you like this stuff sign up as a follower, I might actually think someone appreciates real information. 


Summary, there is funding for some leftist narratives, that is true, but at least I didn't see "Drag Queen Story hour" in there.

Cut to the chase -- this is a massive handout of cash to Government Agencies, way beyond what seems reasonable in dealing with an aggressive SARs pnemonia

These Beachhead lawyer also did a summary, I think it not that great

"Minority Business Development Agency"
"Resources and Services in Languages other than English" I hate this one....we are taxed in order to provide services for, at times, illegal aliens that can't speak English, and therefore cannot assimilate, and therefore will be used for low information and bribed votes. 

$207M to the IRS to send out checks to people.   I have been searching on how much total payout to the American people, my guess is like $100B.   If so, $207M to disperse it doesn't sound so crazy.

And some money will go direct to American's, kind of a tax refund.  $1200 per adult

I see nothing that will help small business, I mean me, as the owner of an LLC.

$454B to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

Sometimes they complete the full number as 454,000,000,000 and sometimes they trail off with a comma at the end....impying to add 3 zeros.   I have never noticed this convention before.   If it is not intentional deception and confusion, it sure acts like it.

Lots of stuff for "Indians" such as $78,000,  ($78,000,000) for Culture and Art development.

Seems like a lot for Art Development.....but not in relation to the

Smithsonian Institution who gets 

$7,500,000,     note the comma.....this is $7.5B for coronavirus prevent, prepare, respond, deep cleaning, security, and staff overtime.     Seriously?    Shutting down will cost more than running?

Wait, back to the Indians.....They get a $1.032B slush fund and also $65,000,000 for "Electronic Health Record Stabilization and Support"   :)  Looks pretty lucrative, I can do it for $7,000,000

Wow, $170B to the IRS to "Carryout Rebates", P 156 if you can't really believe that.  

You know something is wrong when it costs more to give out money than the money you are giving out......  

Ah, Foreign Aid, the life blood of kickbacks to the SuperPACs, can't forget they get $3.0042B, page 828

P859--special treatment for those with HIV/AIDs

P820 $295M for International Disaster Assisstance.....that worked out so well for the Clinton's in Haiti.

And on the same page, lets make sure that we can encourage migration into the USA whilst a Pandemic is playing out, $350,000,00 cool bucks for those "Refugees".

P751 $300,000,000 going to Native American Housing (not related to Corona), provided that $90,000,000 the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.....    WTH?

And somehow the "Railroad cartel" remains strong......They get a direct handout of $526,000,000 on page 841....and the Railroad Retirement Board gets a measly $5,000,000

Veterans Health gets $14,432,000,000 The first line item that I can agree with!

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