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Monday, March 9, 2020

Is Corona Virus (And It's Connection to 5G Sites) A Test Run For the Upcoming "Great Culling"

Letter from a Reader ACD

stock here: Hypothesis below.    Note that COVID-19 sites of greatest density are also sites with recently released 5G super broad band internet / wireless.

Hypothesis:   It is not he 5G that is nucleating the COVID-19, but simply the COVID-19 has been intentionally released into areas with 5G to increase data gathering capability.    This is a "pre-test" on methods and narratives to feed the plan for a future greater "experiment". 

All that said, it should be noted that 19 deaths in USA and 400 confirmed, mean a death rate around 5% and that is alarming.  

Coal subsumption at Chinese power plants is steadily increasing to normal.   That portends a China that is getting back to work.


7 March 2020

As a pharmacologist, I follow the "outbreak" and "treatments" with great interest.

I, of course, agree, Bill.  In my estimation, TPsTB do not have requisite "positions" along multiple dimensions of control to make the Big Move toward that ultimate end.  Recognizing I don't have the epidemiologic data to do a full assessment, I nonetheless conclude the COVID-19-centric operations(s) are test runs.  

The "coincidence" of Wuhan and Milan -- I wonder, any gematria insight here? -- having outbreaks AND being centers for 5G rollout may have more to do with being excellent test laboratories -- all the better for watching, monitoring, gathering data, perhaps doing a few experiments within the space and time of the "larger" Experiment.

This is not to say that respective governments of China and Italy are running the experiments.  This is not to say a small cadre of global psychopaths have launched a "hot war" to the death with humanity.  Israel, for example, may simply have provided the bioweapons for the test run(s).  US bioweapons labs -- they're everywhere, they're everywhere! -- no doubt serve as key resources, now and for later.

(Where is the outcry to shut those M_F's down???)

In the meantime, and in mean times we live -- meaner and meaner times on the dark horizon -- other aspects of the COVID-19 have to do with media effects, the reaction of populations under direct threat, active quarantining, those with the imminent prospect of "collapse", etc.  

Great opportunity to collect and assess data, given GOOGLE, FaceBook, and myriad channels we suspect but about which we do not know.  The broadcasting of multiple theories, overlapping in elements and perps, contributes to deliberate confusing of populations.  

Who reacts|reacted how this time?  Good questions.  Be interesting to know, wouldn't it.  As this test run runs down -- I believe it will -- someone will have a treasure trove of information for next run -- which may well be the BIG ONE, for all the marbles -- including that gorgeous marble as viewed from space, Mother Earth.

Even in false flag events, real people sometimes really die -- like 9-11, unlike Sandy Hook.

------------------------------------------------------------- For those into numerology, or kind of like "their symbols will be their downfall", its either a sign of "them" being very self unaware, or being so confident that they taunt us with their 33rd degree Free Mason, stuff, like 

Corrupt Liberal Criminals love large problems and large sums of money that THEY control.    CDC is part of this criminality.   Look at the history.....enormous sums of money given out....NOTHING GETS DONE!

From Jim Stone.....

Trump de-centralized the Coronavirus response

I'm going to say it like it is: The CDC and other high criminals were denying testing at the local level, while they were set to receive billions that they simply would have stolen. Remember, these same people got several billion for "homeless causes" in California and NOT ONE DAMN THING got done, ZERO "tiny homes" with all prospects for them being priced at $200, 000 and even at that price, none, NOT ONE, got built. No housing, no food programs, no public bathrooms, NOT ONE DAMN THING. I'll be frank here: A tiny home costs no more than $500 when centralized planning and mass production start and it could have with so damn much cash to do it. If anyone claims otherwise, they are jerking you. Homeless people often get the job done FREE if they are left alone to do it, various abandoned pallets and a roll of tar paper is all it takes if someone is left alone to do it.

What about Baltimore?

The same scammers that run the CDC and (were) in charge of the Coronavirus response were handed over a billion to clean up Baltimore. Not one damn thing got done, not one pot hole filled, not one slurpy cup picked up, not one home renovated, not one homeless person fed, they simply stole it. They were subsequently totally thrashed by conservatives who went in and at least cleaned up the garbage on their own dime, and when the conservatives did this, the leftists fussed and fought until they shut it down. They don't want improvements, they want to rob America while trashing everything. And the coronavirus response was no different. Trump just pissed them off, here's how: He denied them the cash payout of 8 billion and instead distributed that money to state and local governments. Some will no doubt rob it, but my guess is about half will actually use it as intended, and that's a lot better than throwing a pirate a pallet of gold and telling him to use it for the benefit of society. The pirate leftists would simply steal it and ask for more while they intentionally infect people to "prove they need it." They have done it time and time again with other issues. Fool me once!
  And a non-political update from Veteran's Today, a nice summary.

And here is a coder guy using Unix tools to analyze COVID-19 and others.......interesting!

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