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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

My trip to "the outside" last night

I went to  “the outside” last night

  1. People are off kilter, they are unaware of their surroundings, just crossing right in front of me (aka in my way) without paying any attention.
  2. Some people are more friendly than ever, pretty girls seem even more friendly (reaction of trying to improve a bad situation?)
  3. 300% more of non-whites than normal density, which is usually low like 5% anyway in this area, are they "more aware", or are they less prepared out of the gate and doing the last  minute thing?
  4. The “basics” are sold out.   Milk and eggs are being rationed.   But there is PLENTY of products in the stores.   I bought a bunch of “fun” foods also.   Costco had ZERO water bottles but Pick and Save had plenty.
  5. Priobiotics are being pushed like some newly discovered savior…for many that is true.
  6. I bought a wicked good dual fuel electric start genset, LOL, and it was “on sale”.   Amazed that Costco is running any sales.    Needed 4 guys to get it in the truck, one guy coming up to help load said to me “are you the generator guy, getting ready for the end of the world.” And I dead panned “yes” he just dead panned as if “does he know something we don’t”……..
  7. Gas was $1.65 I filled enough cans to push my truck to Mississippi
  8. Lots of fresh fruit available, I loaded up and should have got more, might be that last fresh fruit any of us see for 4 months or more.
  9. Absolutely no bleach, isopropyl alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, but there was flu medicine
  10. Many people have not got the memo, the Pick and Save grocery loading girl actually touched my hand
  11. I saw my primary US mail delivery guy, who addressed me by name and came up to shake my hand, and I had to tell him no hand shaking for 4 months…..
  12. Costco was practicing social distancing, had pallets set up to create a separation between people entering and exiting, and a “traffic control” guy keeping the checkout separated by 6 feet.   The ramped that up well, but I didn’t see any store open attempts at floor cleaning, that type of thing.   
  13. Road traffic about half of normal
  14. Quite a few cars at the BestBuy.....LOL.....emergency shopping for electronics, lol
  15. It was an adventure, I decontaminated back at the house
  16. ---------------------------------------------------
  17. I had one broken Washlet (Bidet) many online places sold out, found several at Walmart and bought a good one.   Conserve toilet paper.
  18. My solar charge controller came from China, I decontaminated the box and the unit and my hands and then ran a round of thieves oil through the Aerosolizer.   This is for an “off grid” power source.    My existing solar PV will be down if the grid is down, they are designed like that for safety.    

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