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Saturday, March 28, 2020

on 3-11 Spanky Hanx Gets SARS, Weinstein Gets a Death Sentence, and ALL the US States Start Their First Reports of COVID-19

stock here: 2 quick clarification (and please sign up as a follower if you like this stuff)

1) 2 States had reported prior to 3-11, New York and Washington.
2) Covid-19 is the code name for the real culprit, SARS-2
3) 40 US States all start reporting Cases this same date, 311

On 311

1)Weinstein a Lifer
2) Spanky Hanx with "The Virus"
3) 40 States already start their first report of "The Virus"

This virus is almost exactly like the SARS that hit Asia only in 2002,2003.
Look how many people have stylized a version of the virus to look as diabolical as possible....then see the real thing at the bottom via a scanning electron microiscope.

So we know a lot about it.....So why did the entire medical establishment, including all levels of government and media neglect to mention that it was SARS?   And indeed it was mentioned, but only in passing.

The answer is that the powers that be, want as much stress, pain, suffering, even death, as possible.

But the point of this post is the day.    In my book, one of the most infamous days in our civilization.   March 11 2011

3-11-2011 Fukushima Debacle 

What is special about this 3-11 number?     They add to 5, some say that is the number of the "Great Spirit" God if you wish.    And some say that 5 represents Male Energy and Acting Force on Earth. 

So why would great evil also happen on that day. 

3-11-2020 with perfect vision we  see 

1) Serial Rapist, decades of rape that everyone knew about, Weinstein gets effectively a life sentence.   Interesting that his company produced "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" 

2) Tom Hanks and Wife both diagnosed with SARS-2 while in Australia, and tweeting.
SNL thought it would be cute to do a comedy skit about Hanx pendence for boy love and maybe more than light BDSM

3)  And on this same, most infamous of days 311, 40 states, all at once, who had never reported a case before, all start reporting, on this one day 311?

Thats weird?

 If you search for Spanky Hanx with safesearch turned off you still get nothing.

But if you watch the movie, at around 2:52 and other places it shows Spanky Hanx in action


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