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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Pandemic Modeling Spreadsheet -- You can download it here in XLS format, not as a ZIP

Similar to Mike Adams spreadsheet on Pandemic Modelling.

Download as Excel on Box

I added a charting function, which makes it way easier to visualize the data and the parameter effects.

Social distancing is important

I have played the Pandemic Spreadsheet a bit.    I really dislike that Adams provided it on his website
in the form of a ZIP file.

If you don't know you need you....any Zip file is an executable file, like an EXE and it means that opening it could allow that file to do absolutely anything that it wanted to your computer, and not just destroy it, it could create a background file that would send out ALL your private information and searches.....forever and you would never know.  

So I opened it, LOL.    But here it is on Box....full credit to Adams, try it if you like.

He does not have a seasonal factor in there.    Coming of late spring in the northern hemisphere is a good factor in squelching out a virus.

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