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Monday, March 2, 2020

Serious Question: Are Dems Really That Dumb to Put A Full Blown Communist With Heart Attack, and A Deep State Dementia Patient With Continuing Creepy Actions For Pres

stock here, please chime in.

I can't understand this "strategy".

Are they really that stupid?

Because I find it hard to believe they are that stupid.   If they are doing this intentionally, then why?

Have  they decided that no matter what they do, Trump will win?   Even so, why this "strategy"

Is it part of a "if we don't even challenge them for the Presidency" we have a lot better chance

C'mon GOATS, throw down, this is important.

And another thought.....we are headed towards a 1 party system.   That will not turn out well.   What can we do to mitigate this?   

Can the Libertarian party somehow ramp up and capture the fleeing Democrats (one of critical thinking ability at least?)

of not being indicted for capital crimes.....if we go quietly they might choose to rebuild the country rather than attack us......thus giving us a chance to rebuild.
Like 2016 they bought off Sanders after they effed him, with a new house.

Similarly, good chance that Buttigieg was offered something of high value to bow out early

---------------------------------------------------------- One reader chimed in

Yes, they are that stupid, but only to a point. Focus on the Vice Presidential contender. The Democrats know that neither Sanders or Biden will survive more than a few months in office, if that long. The VP is the key to their strategy because once the president is dead, and the VP advances to president, the VP appointed to that position will be one of their precise picks. As I've warned here before, watch for either Moochelle/Michael or Killery to be the VP contender. After Sanders or Biden die (perhaps helped along with a pillow or heart attack device), the new president and VP will be in control. And if, say, Killery ends up as president, she will only last so long until she is put down like the rabid animal she is and the appointed VP will become president and yet another will be appointed as VP.

Personally, I think it will be Killery and Hussein becomes the next as VP; unless Blowjob Barry goes to the Supreme Court of course.

As the Persians say: "Fahi ma Fahi -- it is what it is".


  1. Another incredibly stupid thing the DNC is doing is pretending they have a majority when they don't. They keep on insulting Trump supporters instead of trying to get some of them over to their side.
    They pretend there is no such thing as #walkaway and are bound to get a sound beating in 2020 if they don't give some Trump supporters a reason to switch teams.
    Trump fills stadiums with 20-30,000 people in overflow outside. I don't see a dem who can fill a basketball arena.

    1. It is odd, understanding this apparent delusion may be important.

  2. Elites want the public to pick one of the battling billionaires, establishing acceptance of capitalist aristocracy. If they dare go with Bern, bankers will tank the economy. They're already having trouble keeping the ponzi scheme going even with unlimited QE (not called that this time). Bankers are doing well with Trump. Dems got no game except getting rid of Trump. Maybe VP choice will come into play, but Congress and Senate seats are still more important.


    1. Good to see you Horse. And they had that poorly received meme last week that "the elite should be given more control over the election process" WOW.

  3. So it looks like the Dems were forced into the corner and had to take the only choice, the only horribly flawed candidate that had a chance of beating Sanders. And all the voting machines were turned to "Biden"


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