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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

So it looks like the Dems were forced into the corner and had to take the only choice, the only horribly flawed candidate

So it looks like the Dems were forced into the corner and had to take the only choice, the only

And all the voting machines were turned to "Biden"

And "They all know".   Not just about Epstein, Wexner, Big Moochelle, Weinstein.   They all know about Comey and where his "Higher Loyalty" rests.   

_____________________________________ from VOAT a very credible synopsis
It is all about Vote Splitting

My thoughts:
  • Biden was never meant to be the nominee, but the rabbit in the race setting a quick pace lap and bringing notoriety and viewership to the early debates.
  • All the other Dems running exposed themselves as Ass Clowns not worthy of backing.
  • Worst case for the DNC was Bernie caught fire again as in 2016.
  • Now the DNC decided their primary task was to keep Bernie from winning and destroying the party over trying to beat Trump and having him destroy the party.
  • So the DNC has a leg up on defeating Bernie with a candidate that can’t beat Trump.
  • That means the Dems need to completely rally around Biden to force Bernie to dropout before the convention in July. That must happen for Joe to have some “medical issue” that forces him out just before the convention. (Bernie must be out of the race first for Biden to drop out.)
  • In rides Big Mike or Killary or Kerry to “save the Party” at the last minute at the DNC Convention with no vetting whatsoever.
  • DNC tries for no debates. Trump wants three or four. Finally they get him down to one and for only one hour because they know Trump will destroy whoever the White Knight is. DNC knows they cannot win and of they did, Biden would have the 25th Amendment throw at him in his first month in Office.
  • But the DNC will not let someone, who is not Bernie, run for just one term which Biden has alluded to on a few occasions.
  • So the Dem nominee is not in the field.
  • The DNC needs Bernie out first before Biden bails. So whoever the Saviour is can get both Bernie & Biden supporters.
It’s a strange goddamn movie folks.

Even though Comey endorsed Biden, the Biden campaign rejected that endorsement, showing just a little bit of game (but not yet meme worthy)

    >Yes, customer service? I just received a package that I very much did not order. How can I return it, free of charge?
>    — Andrew Bates (@AndrewBatesNC) March 3, 2020

from story here.

I wonder where they will buy the 4th house for Bernie, LOL

They all know that 6'-4" Comey walks free for now, as a traitor.   And they all know that the "machine" has decided that Bernie would lose in a never to be recovered landslide.    They also know that only the indoctrinated currently accept communism, and they don't really want full on communism....they want to keep up the illusion of a "free society" and just roll out their huge government by policy but without a name change.   

The best slave is a slave who thinks they operate on free will, and functions as a "good citizen" ya der eh comrade.
horribly flawed candidate that had a chance of beating Sanders.

Oh, and the Establishment is happy, LOL. 

The pretense that the stock market bounced back because of happiness about Biden.    That is kind of funny.

The graphic above showing the Soros controlled voting machines is real.    And Sanders continues on
thinking that his high moral ground needs no change in strategy, even in the face of the presentation of the news that the entire establishment is against him.

Mandy breaks it down here.   Please watch it on her website, not on YouTube

And the dem party line, which Sanders still throws down, Trump should focus on doing his job (and throws Corona) and stay out of our election.   i.e. stop pointing out that I am a communist.

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