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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Sterilization With UV-C Ultraviolet Light -- Yes it Can Kill COVID-19 -- Get Up to Speed With This Primer

stock here -- this is my Corona Public Service of the Day
It's not quite done, but its pretty good, pushing send.......

Wrap your head around this... UV sterilization is 20,000 times more efficient that disinfection by boiling water.   

There is some new LED UV-C Technology, but it is at this time, not more efficient than the old school stuff.


This is a good FAQ on Killing Bacteria and Viruses with UV Light.    Quick hint, it needs to be UV-C to be effective.

10 second contact time, at 6 inch or less is required.    Unfortunately without discussion of wattage.

UV-A and UV-B will barely work.

I haven't purchased yet, and certainly wont from this company that wants $700 for a handheld fixture.

I also checked Doom and Bloom.   They briefly discuss it as effective with steerilizing instruments for surgery, but they also do a HibiClen protocol.   I thought they might dive details, since they are very detailed when it comes to medical products and training, but juice.

This guy talks a bit about UV sterilization of water.   But leaves me pining for the technical details.

OK now let's get into the Tech Details!    


We will search UV-c LED a bit later, but it is clear that for peak effectiveness, the wavelength is important.

The more wattage the better!     This is an "Aquarium" Based site, and they sell lamps direct, I love this one, a T8 at 55W!

 This chart is from the TECH SITE above.    The energy to "kill specific things" is measured as an example

6500 mW/CM2 to kill bacteria Vibrio.    To use the table, see the highlighted, at 2" away from lamp, your Multiply the Lamp Wattage (not input, but output) by the Intensity factor.   

Assume 20W of Lamp Output *69 == 1380 Intensity

Now divide the required kill energy by your Intensity     6500 / 1380  == 4.7 Seconds Kill Time


If your are "going UV" go big.    The output is roughly 30% - 35% of the input

I was going to just pull the trigger and buy one of these handheld units, glad I decided to do the
research first.    This 2W input would have been a joke, I mean it is a joke.

Stay away from the cheap shit on Ebay.    Improperly "doped" lamps WILL emit Ozone, and that is just not good for you, putting craploads of powerful free radicals into your environment is just plain bad, even if it also kills more bacteria and viruses.

Lamps designed to release UVC and higher frequencies are doped so that any UV light below 254 nm wavelengths will not be released, to minimize ozone production. A full-spectrum lamp will release all UV wavelengths, and will produce ozone when UVC hits oxygen (O2) molecules.
Here is a very scientific treatise on UVC "inactivation" of Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses.   My main takeaway is:
1) UV-C is Kick Ass technology.   If you have a wound, you can "cleanse" it with light.
2) This nice table.    It needs some interpretation to make it "actionable" to the layman.  But it's a good start.

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