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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Maestro Got "Them" To Clamour to Inject $2T Into the Economy

stock here, D5 checkmate.   Added in "Wins of the Day" collected by Anon at VOAT, great work.
At bottom.

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Kek!    Looks like the Maestro played some 3D chess on the the Cabal.

A few bad points, you know how bad NPR is if they fought hard to put NPR funding into the "package". National Propaganda Radio.

He knows that money in the economy makes for a strong economy, however it gets there.    So a $2T blast will make Obama era QE look rather weak.

Stocks and PM's should do very well, but inflation will be with us, eventually.

Now the next touche' -- mashosmash the idiots that try to kill Americans by banning a relatively safe drug that works wonders against SARS-2.

Did you notice the CNN scam interview with Fauci today?   They tried to "dismiss" all the cures for SARS-2 by just bringing up Vitamin C and Vitamin D to which Fauci was smirking, and then starting his lie with a truth about Vitamin C being a good antioxident and no harm, but that there was some studies that correlated Vitamin D with respiratory illness.     And then he covers himself with.....but nothing wrong with Vitamin D.   

Wow,  I can't believe I see this playing out so obviously in real time.     By focusing on some vitamins, for the super low information consumer of Cabal bullshit...they try to dismiss the HXCQ, and others.

  1. Epidemiologist widely cited for having predicted 2.2 million US deaths from COVID-19 has revised his projection to 20,000 – less than the deaths from this year’s flu season
  2. Biden let it slip that he’s been talking with foreign leaders, but that’s okay with the MSM
  3. Maduro charged in US court for drug trafficking
  4. Bahrain and Belgium report that chloroquine treatment touted by Trump (and therefore maligned by the Left) is working
  5. Gallup poll says majority of Americans do not think media has done a good job on COVID-19, while 60% say Trump has done a good job
  6. Trump’s presidential approval ratings at highest point of his presidency so far (and disapproval ratings at lowest point)
  7. Pelosi is EIGHTY years old today
  8. Bringing pharma production back to US could create 800,000 jobs
  9. DOW adds another 1,351 points to 22,552

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