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Monday, March 2, 2020

Tom Hanks is a Pedophile, Michael Jackson Was, Kevin Spacey Still Is And "Kills Them With Kindness"

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It is clear that these people are sick, and yet we furnish them with riches and put them on a pedestal, and give them big parties and awards.

It seems that fame and fortune destroy.   LOL Sure glad I don't have any of those!

COVID19 --- What a Fitting Punishment


We can slow this activity down or stop it altogether? if we try, if we insist our LAE’s and government leaders deal with it, whats more important? a tranny deuce or child rape and abductions? the people still have the power!!!

first, we must stop letting these people DIVIDE us! all those involved at all levels..

hollywood plays their part in that scheme as well or did yo not notice soon as lobama was elected and he began all the race garb division and hatred hollywood started pumping out oodles of racial movies? stirring the pot.. so many involved in so many ways from top to bottom right down to sesame street!!!

however we can easily prevent this activity and stop these events, and we don’t have to make one 911 phone call..

how about we ALL stop supporting these people at all levels? for a start, yeesh.. STOP going to movies at the movie theaters, and don’t worry about employees, those petty jobs are no match for the good that will be done if hollywood is no longer able to do these things.

we’ve known for along time this has been happening, but we stick out heads in the sand and IGNORE IT! ever since core told us we have known..

however instead of supporting core by doing what needs to be done you supported the pedos, he lost his entire career and the damage was devastating, one of them committed suicide, or so they say, it was more of a cornelcide..

gg are movies that good you would rather go pay uber to see a movie and disregard all the negative going on daily? we all know about the sexual abuse going on there, dismissing women if they do not do sexual favors.. that stinks and its a mental issue, these guys with all this money can get laid anywhere, ugly fat slob don’t matter, but its the power trip and the revenge for being born different I guess?

how can we expect America to remain stable and honest with this type of mentality?

stop going to movies!

stop watching TV!

STOP buying the products these people use to rip you off even more, or where do you think the money comes form with advertising? you think they take it out of their pockets?

lol, same with athletes, they get million dollar endorsements suddenly a pair of sneakers are $225..
it works the same with food and everything else they advertise, they have to pay Hollywood, and those people just jack the price of their product, or have you net seen what a bag of groceries cost today?

its skyrocketing and in turn they are raping children, and most likely worse..

so next time you watch a movie just remember everyone involved at the top of this process made millions, because of movie goers, and in turn these people can now afford to buy children from the black market..

mull that over and remember every time you watch a commercial you are supporting violence crime and corruption on many levels..

this isn’t rocket science, why support these entities if they engage in this behavior as apposed to preventing it?.. obviously not all are involved however a lot is not told for one reason or another, how can we prevent them from hurting children, and adults?

its a helluva day when raping children and supplying those children is a “business” and the working stiff turn the other way and pretend nothing is going on… and deny any of it ever happening…
lets face it these people need help, and a lot of it, from top to bottom? think about it, who would abduct a human being much less a child knowing whats going to become of them?

so sad all the way around specially for these totally innocent children, their lives are over, if they do survive the ordeal where do they go? everything normal and functional has been thrown out the window, they’ll be lucky if they can keep it together long enough to work at mac d’s..

what a way to make a living and how many are being blackmailed into to participating at all levels? or threatened, or their families threatened of they don’t go prowl the neighborhood and snatch up a human being?

plenty of other things you can do aside form sitting in front of the idiot box all day..
build a green house, plant a garden, a community pea patch, fruit trees, start canning and start a canning trade co-op so you can trade for foods you are not growing, trade the lovely tomatoes you grow with the farmer who is growing pistachios and nuts.. olive oil, whatever..

soon in a few years the co-op will be massive, anything you could possibly want will be there ready for trade for something you specialize in.. and think about it, wall street will have no control over it, as in jacking the prices so they can get filthy rich while we struggle paycheck to paycheck cuz goods and food are so dang expensive today?

that tackles the food end, next drill Artisian wells and get off the city water or county water crap they are poisoning us with, then you have more to trade and barter with right? better for your crops too, animals everything..

next is energy, so many ways to go here, so many options, get your compost going, harvest methane, that will run all your farm equipment with minor modifications..again co op and trade, if you cannot make methane trade for it… and you are not making wall street filthy rich by doing this!

and you’re not supporting corruption! and don’t think cuz you turn your head and deny and ignore that you’re not in the same lane with these people!

get your solar panels going takes care of electricity, get your self an electric car MADE IN AMERICA, support the country you live in while weaning yourself off the fossil fuels they have been using to rob you’re pocket book on every fill up..

raise some poultry, cows, whatever, grow mushrooms, so many options, so many ways to go and we can all take care of ourselves, and if we need entertainment create a playhouse, concerts, opera’s..

pony rides hale whatever, make your own movies, we have all the gear to make real good movies, I mean are you going to watch imaginary hero’s blow up cities the rest of your life?

do this, hollywood will cease to exploit our fellow human beings at this level, they wont be able to afford to buy CHILDREN!!!

and who knows one may knock on your door looking to barter for some food? instead of making a phone call to the sex industry ordering a few hot dogs with everything, to go! ugghh…

if anything please STOP pretending you’re in a bubble and isolated from any and all responsibility!
and if you are working in this industry, you can get out, you can make even more money, specially if you have a bank roll, disappear and startup elsewhere with a legit business,

trade school

whatever,many areas are booming you do not have to do this, there are options and plenty of them.. I feel for anyone who honestly believe they must do this to survive in this world, its sad all the way around

specially when one considers when we leave here this earth, we must account for our actions, and what can you say when you are asked why you supported criminals who hurt children? you gonna go possum and play stupid?

does that actually wont work? somehow I feel stupid wont be a reasonable answer..

January 3, 2020
Lucy Gutierrez #
EXCELLENT Write!! So many are accountable, and in a very dark abyss, the enemy has them under an ugly vile mindset, so disgusting, can’t find the words…

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