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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Trump Hating Media Leftist Lie That Italy Has It Under Control and USA is Flailing In The Wind Because of Trump

stock here.   Using data is always a good starting point.   Do we really need to continue to point out the lies of the Globalist Owned worst offenders, CNN, ABC, NBC in that order. 

Yes we do, because they lie in the face of my guess, 100,000 to 1,000,000 Americans will die in the next 4 months.    But their goal is to make Trump look bad, while not covering the failures of the CDC and the medical system in general.

So GOM Globalist Owned Media is pretending, today, that Italy has it under control.   Let's review the data.

Italy has had a massive jump in number of new cases.

Italy's "exponent" on the 2 Day Leap model by stock, is 1.28
USA is 1.21.   The lower the better.

Exponent is the far right column of the colored chart

Orange is my Model Data

Green is Actual

Yellow is percent that the model is off


Below is a chart of the model and actual data, the Model is running a bit hot.

The chart below is Cured - Dead, a big Delta is good, and Italy recently got lucky because of time, or actually figured a better way to get people cured, or maybe they just needed the hospital bed and called them cured and kicked them out.   Stuff like this will happen.

The last chart is ratio of Cured / Dead, an improvement, but kind of sad that you only have a 35% better chance of being cured than of dying.

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