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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Video Captured from Twitter, Biden Confronted by Iraq Vets "Sent to Hurt Civilians" --Fight Censorship -- Download Videos before They Are Disappeared!

stock here, experimental capture using Snagit, into AVI, from Twitter

Sorry I am "going live" with experimental stuff, but the only way to a true test. 

Expect MASSIVE and BRUTAL censorship.    And we need to have a plethora of saved videos to shoot up and show exactly what was censored. 

1) To educate
2) To convict these criminals, because if they are an "open platform" then they cannot be sued about content put up by others.   But if they are controlling the narrative, by censoring pro-American stuff, conservative voices, then they no longer given immunity under the law and can be sued the eff out of.

Tool up at this time.  I will keep working!

It was 179MB to start, even though short.    I had to use Wondershare to compress it down, and they add a watermark.

seeing if it will work with sound.

APPARENTLY NOT, no sound even though all settings checked.    

I will try with some other tool, the above was "SnagIt"

MissFrill found it on vimeo

Veterans Confront Biden on War record at Oakland Super Tuesday Stopover from About Face on Vimeo.

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