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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

What If This Biden / Ukraine Thing Is Much Bigger Than Just Billion Dollar Handouts -- To Block It, Would They Go As Far As To Run A Creepy Dementia Patient?

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Ron Johnson R from Wisconsin, is "OK" at least he is not a full on Rhino, although he does sometimes have snaky skin.

But some entity pressured him into cancelling a vote that would have subpoenaed "records" and an appearance from Andrii Telizhenko of Blue Star Strategies.

Republicans on the committee have wanted to subpoena Telizhenko, a political officer in the Ukrainian Embassy in D.C., to testify since Telizhenko claimed Democratic National Committee consultant Alexandra Chalupa urged him to engage in anti-Trump efforts in 2016. Chalupa disputed this charge.

That vote, which is widely considered would have passed was for this afternoon.

Johnson threw out a bunch of bullshit, and basically said it was because they were confused.

And we are back to Russia Russia Russia!

Johnson's decision to move forward with the subpoena vote, over the objections of Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) had sparked days of high-profile tensions, with Democrats viewing the subpoena as an attempt to target former Vice President Joe Biden that might also inadvertently help spread Russian misinformation.

What If This Biden / Ukraine Thing Is Much Bigger Than Just Billion Dollar Handouts -- To Block It, Would They Go As Far As To Run A Creepy Dementia Patient?

Why did they all get behind Biden, a week before this Subpoena was to be issued?
Biden is such a ridiculously flawed and incapable candidate, he makes Hillary look "good".   I mean physically stumbling is one thing, and could be a sign of overwork.....but continuous mental stumbles and gaffes and telling detractors that they are full of shit....sorry, this guy is a basket case.

So why run Biden?    Just to keep the Dem party alive and controllable by the Establishment, aka Globalists.

Or is it even bigger?   


 The main objection to getting this information comes from the secondary beach head of Islam in the USA.    Senator Gary Peters whose area covers part of Detroit.   Democrat of course, and of course voted to remove Trump from office. 

Now Peters is jumping on the Corona virus thing like a big dog.   Setting up the White House to look bad no matter what happens.       

You can call Peter's office here:

Patrick V. McNamara Federal Building
477 Michigan Avenue
Suite 1837
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 226-6020
Toll Free: (844) 506-7420

He has 8 offices, 7 in Michigan, 1 in DC.

On this same date, 3-11-2020, Hunter Biden sucessfully avoided releasing his financial document in the Paternity suite, instead citing a "global settlement", LOL, I am sure including some strong non-disclosure terms.

my my my

Heinz and Kerry involved too, although Heinz looks to be taking the high road.

And apparently, there were some who were deeply concerned about Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma. Chris Heinz, former business partner to Hunter and step-son to then-Secretary of State John Kerry, wrote to the State Department expressing his consternation at Hunter’s involvement with Burisma in May of 2014, a month after Hunter joined Burisma’s board. Heinz’s spokesman was quoted as saying that Heinz “strongly warned Mr. Archer that working with Burisma was unacceptable” and  that “[t]he lack of judgment in this matter was a major catalyst for Mr. Heinz ending his business relationships with Mr. Archer and Mr. Biden.”

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