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Friday, April 3, 2020

2 Episodes of Chinese Biowarfare Spies BUSTED and Chinese Stripped Of Long Beach Dock Ownership

November 2018 Chinese Scientist Busted at Detroit Airport, likely smuggling SARS / MERS viruses.


Hmmmm.....And do you remember when Obama admin set up the deal to Let China take control of the Long Beach Container Dock (and Military Infrastructure and Trump kicked out the communists?   in 2019 

 And do you remember when the Chair of Harvard's Chemical Biology Department was arrested, after taking a "salary" of $750,000 USD per year from the Wuhan Institute of Technology?
Summary, The Chair of Harvard's Chemical Biology Department, was getting 10's of Millions of US taxpayers money for research, but in 2011, he started getting paid $750,000 a year from the Wuhan University of Technology, and they handed him $1,500,000 for lab research.     This is China's modern version of Operation Paperclip.

His cohorts, in Boston, were 2 Chinese nationals.    One was Ye, pictured right, a Lieutenant in the People's Liberation
Army and a member of the Communist Party.  She was questioned at Logan airport, but released, and went to China, and later indicted.

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