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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Bill Gates --- The Beginning Of The End --- For These Pushers

I have been meaning to do a full article on Bill Gates.   There is so much

The cabal made some huge decisions on 3-11.    A day that will live forever in infamy as Fukushima.

Why this day?   Is there some special power to those numbers 3-11-11.

Was it a reaction of the Slime like Cabal to react in bulk to a threat?    The threat that Harvey Weinstein was effectively given a life sentence on 3-11?

And on 3-11 40 US States all started reporting their first SARS-2 deaths?

Tom Hanks, more on him HERE as David S. Pumpkins (sex with children and also killing them), comes down with SARS-2 in Australia?   On the same day?    On 3-11 there were 199  cases in Australia.

And 3-11 set off a bunch of other reactions, I haven't poured through the "news" to flesh all of them out, but Bill Gates announced stepping down from Microsoft board on 3-13.    He needed time to focus on something even more important, his globalist duties.   Vaccines, Profit, and Death.

I'll add more on Gates, but lets start with Amazing Polly

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