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Monday, April 13, 2020

Bill Gates Gets Totally Trashed On Instagram -- No Support for Gates, ZERO

stock here. I barely do instagram, but seeing a comment from Bill Gates, and then seeing the 100% of comments just bashing the bejesus out of Gates.

There is hope, many are awake now.

Oh and by the way, Friends don't let Friends use Chrome, or Adrenochrome

More attacks on Gates 4-14-2020

keymora_jadore's profile picture

Bill Gates you are evil you created the coronavirus and now you want to implant us with chips you wanted depopulation how are you going to get a vaccine when you can’t even protect your own system from viruses
moniquegisellee's profile picture

We don’t stop even if you delete our comments, idiot.
nancy_meg8's profile picture
livingoncrypto's profile picture

You smarmy little man. Just leave everybody alone. If what you're pushing is so good I'm sure people will rush to buy it!
gianni.lazzari.79's profile picture

vanguard_concealment's profile picture

You're going to hell for this one Billy boy. Sucks when your feeder population wakes up on you huh?
preciouszss's profile picture

This is karma πŸ™ You created a pendant Billy for your Covid-19 virus and we call it Coop-20 ♥️.This is a natural virus by the way, we don't need a vaccine for it. It spreads rapidly all over the world πŸ˜‰ even though we keep ei
mariamshamrani's profile picture

No vaccine πŸ‘Ž

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