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Monday, April 13, 2020

Calling the Meme Early. The Most Dastardly Of Hollywood Will Be Getting Their "Dual Citizenships"

stock -- let's do the punchline first.    "Stars" are going to be working hard to get dual citizenship.    As they may need to escape USA.


Tom Hanks.....when there were 199 cases of SARS-2 in Australia population 25,436,000.


Of Australia, but recently awarded dual citizenship to Greece goes to Hanks and Wife. 

And they both got Coronavirus on the Day Weinstein got the death in jail sentence, and 40 US states all started reporting Virus deaths.   3-11.

How likely is that?    Or are they being rewarded with a way out of the country most likely to prosecute Spankey Hanx for his sex crimes that "everyone knows about".    

Sheesh, as a kid we didn't even know what gay was, but we all knew that Mr. Rogers was gay and maybe worse.    So perfect for Hanx to play  Mr. Rogers.

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